PSixx Paranormal Pub Crawl


So... since our first investigation, we always make a point to gather the Sixx the night before a hunt and visit a pub for a pint or two (or six) (preferably and Irish pub, but we don't judge) and game plan and go over history, etc. in preparation for the hunt the next day. Well, we CALL it game planning anyway. Sometimes after a long drive and much anticipation in getting to a new location, it's just a way for us to relax and connect and meet new friends and get some personal experiences from the locals! Oh and then there's that whole beer thing... :D. Oh yeah... back to that.

Here you will find a growing list (as we remember them... :D) of great stops we made on our adventures so keep checking back for more great locations!

We'd love to hear some of your favorite places you go when you travel to a new location! Submit your suggestions on the contact form and we just might check them out. If we do go to a location that has been suggested by you, we'll be sure to post our picture and thank you for the recommendation!

Pub-On Paranormal Peeps!
Jeesh that's a lotta p's!


D'Arcy McGee's
Buffalo, NY baby!!!
Lanigan's Irish Pub
New Castle, PA
Duuuddeee... they're closed!  ​:(
Kildare's Pub
Manayunk, PA
Good food, great friends, amazing time! Would do it all again with a definite stop in Kildare's! #EasternStates
The Weasel Boy
Zaenesville, OH
Such a cool find! The staff nor the customers were expecting US to walk in! But by the end they hated to watch us leave. #ProspectPlace
Batavia, NY
(Hey... it ends in "ee"... it MUST be Irish!) #RollingHIllsAsylum