The Paranormal Sixx Team
We are an independent paranormal investigation team of six based out of Buffalo, New York
who study the paranormal with open minds, compassion and respect for both
the living and the dead.  We support and promote paranormal unity within the industry and
conduct all investigations with professionalism and integrity.
Paranormal Sixx investigates all locations and residences, public and private.

There is never a fee for our services.
  1. Deidre and Scott, Co-Founders
    Deidre and Scott, Co-Founders
    Investigators Case Managers
  2. Andrea and Darcy, Co-Founders
    Andrea and Darcy, Co-Founders
    Investigators Location Specialists / Photography
  3. Kris and Dave, Co-Founders
    Kris and Dave, Co-Founders
    Investigators Equipment Specialists and Design
Based out of Buffalo, NY

We conduct investigations locally throughout New York State as well as surrounding states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and New England. We will consider all investigations and schedule you as soon as possible based on our calendar. Do not hesitate to contact us!

We have also formed strong alliances with other groups and investigators located throughout the United States that we can connect you with in the event Paranormal Sixx is not available.