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Buffalo, NY

Paranormal Sixx was very excited for another unique priviledge
to conduct a private investigation at the historical icon,
Statler City with Conor Hawkins!
Once again they didn't disappoint!

Paranormal Sixx was the very first paranormal investigation team to investigate the Statler with Conor Hawkins. We have returned numerous times since then. Each time gathering more and more evidence validating this beautiful location's history and Conor's connection with the spirits.

The spirits that roam her floors continue to reveal themselves and we look forward to learning even more on our upcoming return.

We encourage you to attend one of Conor's Hard Hat Tours or ghost hunts! This is a location you will never forget and want to go back for more!
Visit Statler City Ghost Tours Facebook Page  or contact Paranormal Sixx for more information!

Don't leave until you check in on their famous Peregrine Falcons that roost under Conor's watch on the Statler City Falcon Cam !

For a look into the history of the Statler Hotel
please visit http://buffaloah.com.
Thank you to all who put their love, passion and skill
 into documenting one of the most iconic locations in Buffalo, NY.


Bert, NY

Paranormal Sixx was very excited for the recent priviledge
to conduct a private investigation at the beautiful
Van Horn Mansion in Bert, NY  !
Stay tuned for postings of evidence and photos!

Please take a moment to read a little more about The Mansion
and visit the Newfane Historical Society's website
for more information.

If you haven't yet visited this location, it is indeed a must see!
If you have had the amazing experience of touring or investigating this location, please email us at paranormalsixx@yahoo.com as we would love to hear about your stay and your evidence!

Our sincerest thanks to the Newfane Historical Society and Beyond Ghosts for entrusting us with this location.
​Be sure to stop by on FB and show your support!

Paranormal Sixx

  Newfane Historical Society

Beyond Ghosts   


Paranormal Sixx is on the road again!
We are headed to a brand new location for us ...
Loveland Castle in Loveland, Ohio
or more romantically known as  Chateau Laroche.

Nestled in the outskirst of Cincinnati, Ohio, this castle sits along the banks of the Miami River. The river from which it was built. By hand. All 2,600 sacks of cement, 32,000 quart size milk cartons used for hand making concrete bricks, 54,000 five-gallon buckets of dirt and 56,000 pail-fulls of stone.
All by one man - Harry Andrews.

"Chateau Laroche was built as an expression and reminder of the simple strength and rugged grandeur of the mighty men who lived when Knighthood was in flower. It was their knightly zeal for honor, valor and manly purity that lifted mankind out of the moral midnight of the dark ages, and started it towards a gray dawn of human hope." - from the foreword, "Chateau Laroche" booklet.

(Exerpt taken directly from a Field Review from a team at Roadside America. See their website for more interesting facts -   www.roadsideamerica.com )


Photos are the property of of Loveland Castle
and KOGT. All rights reserved.
Visit www.lovelandcastle.com for more information.
Lakeland Castle
Photo property of Statler City and StatlerCity.com
All rights reserved.
Image taken by and is property of Deidre Emminger and Paranormal Sixx.
All rights reserved.

About the Mansion

Click here for the history! 
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